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The Application of Numerical Control System in the Manufacture of Automobile Parts

The automobile industry is an important pillar industry of our national economy. Its industrial chain is long, wide employment and wide consumption, and plays an important role in the development of national economy. With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the efficient, high precision and high stability of the key components of the automobile are effective measures to shorten the production cycle and improve the enterprise's efficiency and competitiveness. CNC manufacturing technology can realize the rapid prototyping of complex auto parts. At the same time, the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology and integrated manufacturing technology in CNC technology are widely used in modern automobile processing and manufacturing industry. CNC manufacturing technology in the auto parts production process of intelligent development will become a development trend of the automobile manufacturing industry.

With the industrial 4.0 and China made 2025 core plan proposed, clear the arrival of the world's fourth industrial revolution, more emphasis on product manufacturing process information and industrialization of the integration of manufacturing equipment and control of intelligent, such as intelligent Factories, intelligent production, human-computer interaction, Internet of things, machine self-organization, digital manufacturing. CNC machine tools and CNC system is the core factor to realize intelligent production. CNC machining technology can realize the rapid prototyping of complex auto parts, and the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology and integrated manufacturing technology in CNC technology are gradually in modern automobile processing Manufacturing industry has been widely used. CNC system in the automotive parts manufacturing process of intelligent development will also become a modern automobile manufacturing industry is an inevitable trend. This paper introduces the importance of numerical control system for automobile parts manufacturing process, and briefly introduces the types of CNC system used frequently. Then, the characteristics and advantages of FANUC numerical control system in intelligent manufacturing are introduced in detail, and some improvement measures of the manufacturing process of special parts for automobile are put forward. At the end of this paper, a brief summary of the future development trend of numerical control system.

The Importance of Numerical Control System in Automobile Parts Manufacturing

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, the efficient, high precision and high stability of the key components of the automobile are effective measures to shorten the production cycle and improve the enterprise's efficiency and competitiveness. CNC manufacturing technology can be easily achieved complex automotive parts of the rapid prototyping manufacturing, while CNC technology in the virtual manufacturing technology, flexible manufacturing technology, integrated manufacturing technology in the modern automobile processing and manufacturing industry has been widely used. And manual manufacturing, the NC technology to achieve the standardization of automotive parts manufacturing, standardization, improve the quality of domestic auto parts production and the actual equipment laid the foundation. CNC technology for automotive key parts manufacturing to provide complete sets of automation solutions, based on the industrial Internet and processing of large data monitoring and remote services to receive processing data, followed by virtual processing and program code detection, followed by the use of CNC system processing state from the Sensing, self-learning, self-adapting, self-optimizing function to achieve high-quality workpiece processing, and then use industrial robots and CNC machine tools on-line batch detection method to achieve the key parts of the automotive high-performance flexible processing and batch production in a wide range of applications The

The types of CNC system used in the manufacture of automobile parts

At present, the domestic CNC machine tools and Japan, the United States, Europe, more imported machine use Fanuc (FANUC) and Siemens (SIEMENS) two numerical control system, can use G code to achieve programming. Among them, most of the turning, multi-axis milling CNC machine tools are used in the two numerical control system, and easy integration with computer-aided design. The two CNC systems occupy the vast majority of today's machine tool industry, the market share. Today, some of the German multi-axis machining centers for complex surface machining are equipped with HEIDENHAIN CNC systems, which have the ability to visualize and modularize large program editing, to quickly insert and edit information and enable complex surfaces and Rapid prototyping of porous structures. With the continuous development and establishment of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories, some machine tools companies began to develop special CNC systems in accordance with customer requirements, such as Japan Okuma (OKUMA), Japan Yamazaki Mazak (YAMAZAKI MAZAK), Germany De Ma Ji Sen Seiki (DMG MORI) company, China Shenyang Machine Tool (SMTCL) companies.

Characteristics and Improvement of FANUC System in Intelligent Manufacturing

FANUC system in today's world CNC system research and development, design, manufacture and sales of a powerful force. Its product range covers a variety of manufacturing processes, such as turning, milling, grinding, machining centers. FANUC numerical control system is more convenient to use, stable and reliable, the requirements of the industrial environment is relatively low. FANUC system uses a more common G code preparation procedures, and the program structure is simple, stable and reliable system. The system can be directly programmed according to the contours of the parts specified on the part drawing, such as linear inclination, radius of arc, chamfer value, etc. The FANUC system is able to plan the roughing and finishing cycle paths and the designer's specified machining margins in accordance with the design values, simplifying complex programming. For porous parts only need to give the center position of the hole, then you can use a simple cycle instructions such as G82-G89 to achieve porous automatic cycle processing. In the process of surface processing, you can use the macro program (such as # 1, # 2, etc. as a variable) according to the surface equation (including # 1, # 2 and other variables of the equation) direct programming, intuitive, efficient and practical. At the same time, FANUC system has a convenient coordinate system transformation function, can be simple to achieve multi-coordinate system mixed programming. FANUC system with intelligent human-computer interaction interface, from the creation of processing procedures to the actual processing of all operations can eventually be in the same screen debugging and simulation, easy to achieve lathe, machining center and milling machine processing cycle Rich programming guide, visualization and inspection Features.

    In the intelligent, FANUC system can use a wealth of network functions, to build a system suitable for CNC machine tools, CNC can also be connected with the computer, the complex parts of the 3D design and NC code conversion (using CAM software) followed by NC program transmission And monitor the CNC state, to achieve complex geometric shape parts of the intelligent manufacturing. But also through the Ethernet machine will be connected to the machine, the operation of the machine to focus on unified management, control and monitoring, to achieve a high degree of integration of CNC and computer. Figure 1 shows the FANUC system FS0i-F (C) in the intelligent production or intelligent chemical plant applications. At present, FANUC system introduces real-time optimization control to realize the control of intelligent machine tool, according to the load, temperature, position and other mechanical conditions change, real-time optimal control. By using these functional groups to achieve high-speed, high precision and high-quality processing. Especially in the complex processing of automobile parts and metal molds, through the pre-read program instructions to determine the command shape, the appropriate control of speed and acceleration, within the tolerance range to obtain a smooth processing path, making the mechanical impact weakened, play the most CNC machine tools Excellent performance and intelligent manufacturing.

For the manufacture of thin-walled housing parts in the automotive industry, milling processes such as engine housings and gearbox housings should be loaded with special post-processing procedures such as cutting vibration due to low-stiffness shells during cutting (Figure 2), loading the adaptive speed control and the machine shaft torque, torque monitoring module, by automatically adjusting the spindle speed to achieve the shaft torque to maintain the cutting steady state, improve the processing quality and processing efficiency.

At present, Okuma (OKUMA) has installed this function in the R & D of the NC system, reducing the need for operators to have a lot of processing experience. Simultaneous loading of the shaft motor torque and torque monitoring NC module also helps to determine the cutting process tool or tool holder and workpiece or fixture instantaneous collision, so the emergency stop machine movement, protect the spindle from damage. In addition, it is hoped that the FANUC system will be loaded with an on-line detection module such as the Renishaw probe, which will be integrated with the digital control system for processing, inspection and repair, especially for aperture inspection and position detection of automotive porous parts. One of the high-precision, high-efficiency processing mode.

Prospects for future development of numerical control system

The face of multi-degree of freedom of complex parts of high-quality, high efficiency of the integration of intelligent manufacturing needs, the future of the NC system towards a multi-degree of freedom in the direction of composite processing to achieve a card to complete the processing of the surface of the car, And other multi-process composite processing. In addition, the numerical control system needs to have more advanced trajectory planning strategy and motor control strategy to achieve high speed, high precision machining. With the development trend of intelligent manufacturing, CNC system needs to have a highly intelligent man-machine interface, and to achieve the processing process planning and processing of the diagnosis and adaptive control strategy, the future of the CNC system will achieve the whole machine manufacturing itself Orientation of self-monitoring and management. CNC system can automatically plan the card position, machining trajectory and machining tool according to the 3D model of the parts. It is more likely that Ethernet and Internet technology can realize the mutual communication and cooperation of each machine in the factory and plan the shortest process time. Robot communication to achieve automatic loading and unloading and loading, handling, etc., to achieve the key complex parts of the automatic intelligent rapid prototyping manufacturing.