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The Development History of Electric Spindle of CNC Machine Tool

    CNC machine tools were invented by American inventor John Parsons in the last century. With the development of electronic information technology, the world has entered the machine tool to the digital manufacturing technology as the core of the era of mechanical and electrical integration, CNC machine tool is one of the representatives of the product. CNC machine tools are the manufacturing base of the machine and the important basis of the national economy. It provides equipment and means for all sectors of the national economy, with unlimited economic and social effects. Europe, the United States, Japan and other industrialized countries have completed the process of CNC machine tool industry, and China from the 20th century began in the 1980s, is still in the development stage.

The development of the United States

    The US government attaches great importance to the machine tool industry, the US Department of Defense and other departments because of their military needs and constantly put forward the direction of development of machine tools, research tasks, and provide adequate funding, and the world of talent, especially pay attention to "efficiency" and "innovation" Basic research. And thus in the machine tool technology innovation, such as 1952 developed the world's first CNC machine tools, in 1958 to create a processing center, developed in the early 70s FMS, 1987, the first open CNC system.

    As the United States first combined with the automotive, bearing production needs, the full development of a large number of mass production automation required automatic line, and electronic, computer technology in the world's leading, so its CNC machine tool design, manufacturing and CNC system based, and always attached importance Research and innovation, so its high-performance CNC machine tools in the world has also been leading. Today's US production of aerospace and other high-performance CNC machine tools used, the existence of the lesson is that emphasis on basic research, ignore the application of technology, and in the last century 80th government once relaxed guidance, resulting in slow growth in CNC machine tools, Backward Japan over, and a lot of imports. From the 90's onwards, to correct the past bias, CNC machine technology to practical, production and gradually increased.

German development

    The German government has always attached importance to the machine tool industry's important strategic position, in many areas vigorously foster. In 1956 developed the first CNC machine tools, Germany special emphasis on scientific experiments, combining theory and practice, basic research and applied technology research both. Enterprises and university research departments work closely with the common characteristics of CNC machine tools and characteristics of in-depth study, in the quality of excellence. Germany's CNC machine tool quality and performance is good, advanced and practical, genuine, export all over the world. Especially large, heavy, precision CNC machine tools. Germany special attention to CNC machine tools and accessories of the advanced and practical, its machine, electricity, liquid, gas, light, tools, measurement, CNC system, a variety of functional components, quality, performance in the forefront of the world.