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Packaging machinery industry will enter the era of intelligence from the era of CNC

In recent years, numerical control of equipment has become an important development trend. Industrialized countries such as the United States, Japan and Germany attach great importance to the development of high-end packaging technology and equipment, and emphasize the use of numerical control technology to upgrade and enhance the traditional packaging equipment manufacturing industry. The foreseeable future, pharmaceutical, food and packaging machinery industry will enter the era of intelligence from the era of digital control.

Numerical control technology is a technology that uses digital information technology to control the work process and mechanical movement. Numerical control equipment is the typical embodiment of the deep integration of information technology and mechanical technology. After more than ten years of development, China's packaging equipment manufacturing industry has continuously raised the proportion of high-end CNC equipment in the domestic market and has formed a strong innovation capability, laying a solid foundation for further promoting the digitization of equipment.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and China Academy of Engineering formulated "Action Plan for Equipment Innovation Project of NC Generation" with a planned period of 2011-2020. Food and packaging machinery industry was included in the project action plan. Pharmaceutical packaging machinery can also seize this opportunity to seek new developments.

The implementation of "CNC generation" equipment innovation project is to popularize and apply digital control technology on various types of pharmaceuticals, food machinery and packaging equipment, integrate and innovate a batch of numerical control equipment to realize the upgrading of equipment performance and function, and even fundamental changes Equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading.

With the changes in the national economic development pattern and the changes in the economic development environment such as the rising cost of human resources in our country, higher requirements are put forward on the equipment's high efficiency, low consumption, cleaning and functional performance, and the upgrading of the current equipment is imminent.

Relevant enterprises should make use of numerical control technology to make the industry jumped into the era of digital control, promote the application of digital control technology, and promote the deep integration of industrialization and informationization in the pharmaceutical packaging industry to achieve a perfect transition.