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CNC machine tools and packaging machinery need the same common technology

The application of servo technology in CNC machine tools, the servo system to accept the computer system command signals to control the operation and operation of CNC machine tools to protect the operation of CNC machine tools stability, accuracy and speed, the CNC machine tool operating speed and position accuracy Higher, so the servo system to a large extent determines the speed and accuracy of CNC machine tools.

CNC machine tool during operation, the spindle as the rotating coordinates, by the coordinates of the other chain is responsible for controlling the CNC machine tool operation in the Z-axis and X-axis through the ball screw drive servo motor, the servo motor and then bring the tool through the servo controller To control the movement and rotation of the motor. CNC machine tools using high-speed induction motor, the application of vector control method to control the operation of CNC machine tools, input speed command to control the induction motor, the spindle controller input speed command to achieve CNC machine tool spindle speed control.

At the same time, the CNC control system is used to supply and feed the servo motor to the servo motor, and the position and speed of CNC machine tool are controlled by the feed axis to realize more accurate path processing. The photoelectric encoder is used to detect the position. The displacement and speed detection equipment are set up respectively on the CNC machine axes. The resolver is used to detect the spindle motor speed of the CNC machine tool. The feed system and the indexer are synchronized to realize the closed-loop feedback control.

With the rapid development of AC servo technology, its application in the packaging machinery industry will be more and more widely. Traditional packaging machinery production mainly uses the brake, the clutch plus a single motor way to control the related machinery and equipment interruption, stop and start, for the packaging machinery industry, packaging and processing production speed is mainly controlled by the synchronization of high-frequency positioning action Therefore, the impact is easy to occur in practical applications, resulting in large area wear of the friction elements of the brake or the clutch, thereby reducing the precision and the operating characteristics of the packaging machinery and preventing the high precision and the high frequency of the synchronous control.

If the transmission chain is longer or the transmission ratio is variable, the single motor control the entire drag process, timely replacement and adjustment of transmission components, will increase packaging production costs, operation and control cycle length. The AC servo motor in the packaging machinery applications, maintenance-free, with high response and constant torque.

When the command pulse is given, when the motor rotates, the command pulse from the deviation counter will output the voltage command signal from the inverter. The command pulse quantity determines the rotation angle of the motor. The motor rotation speed is controlled by the pulse frequency. The motor controller is used to realize the AC servo motor Operation and drive. At the same time, the position feedback encoder reduces the dwell pulse in the deviation counter and sends a feedback pulse. When it decreases to zero, the AC servo motor stops rotating.